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Eat & Drink in Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba | Photo: Josh Lavallee

There are over 2,500 eat or drink establishments in Manitoba.

Bacon cheeseburger loaded fries at Appy Place Lounge in Stonewall, MB
Northern Inn & Steakhouse, Thompson, MB
Rock's Bar & Grill, Morden, MB
Mumzz Kitchen, Gladstone, MB
Benny's Restaurant, Brandon, MB
Ahi tuna at Cafe Carlo in Winnipeg, MB

Did you know?

  • Fall Suppers
    Fall Supper in Manitoba, photo: Travel Manitoba

    Autumn is the time of year you’ll find opportunities to attend a fall supper in Manitoba. Depending on the community, the food could range from turkey and meatballs to perogies and holopchi, all home-cooked using local ingredients and served up much like a pop-up restaurant. There are about 75 fall suppers (mainly in Brandon and Winnipeg) that are often fundraisers for a good community cause. Read more on Travel Manitoba and see Manitoba Fall Suppers on Facebook.

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