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Canadian flag | Photo: Hermes Rivera, Unsplash

Canadian flag

Introduction to Canada-wide

In this section, you’ll find franchises and chain stores across Canada.

For local businesses and organizations, look under your Province > City.

See the BONUS section for SENIORS.

Canada Map

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Locations in Canada



Appalachian  Mountains


Arctic Cordillera

Laurentian Mountains



Rocky Mountains

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Capitals, Cities & Water Bodies


Charlottetown, PE
Edmonton, AB
Fredericton, NB
Halifax, NS
Iqaluit, NU
Toronto, ON
Québec City, QC
Regina, SK
St John’s, NL
Victoria, BC
Whitehorse, YK
Winnipeg, MB
Yellowknife, NT

Largest Cities



Baffin Bay
Georgian Bay
Hudson Bay
Ungava Bay

Great Lakes


Major Lakes

Great Bear Lake
Great Slave Lake
Lake Athabasca
Lake Winnipeg
Reindeer Lake

Oceans & Seas

Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Beaufort Sea
Labrador Sea
Pacific Ocean


Albany River
Assiniboine River
Athabasca River
Churchill River
Fraser River
La Grande Rivière
Liard River
Mackenzie River
Nelson River
North Saskatchewan River
Ottawa River
Peace River
Severn River
St Lawrence River
Yukon River


Davis Strait
St Lawrence Seaway

Notable Parks

NP: National Parks
IP: Introprovincial Parks

Banff NP
Cypress Hills IP
Jasper NP
Kluane NP &Reserve
Nahanni NP Reserve
Quttinirpaaq NP
Sirmilik NP
Wood Buffalo NP


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Did you know?

  • Canada's Name
    Sulphur Mountain, Banff, Alberta | Photo: Maxime Doré, Unsplash

    Our country's name, Canada, comes from a Huron-Iroquois word 'kanata' which means 'village'. Before its dominion (when the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined forces) unusual other suggestions were submitted, such as Mesopelagia, Superior and Transatlantia.

Canada Trivia

Flags of Canada and all provinces
Coat of arms
Canadian maple leaf
Bird is Gray Jay (unofficial)
Animals are Beaver, Canadian Horse
Tree is maple

Great White North
Lumberjack Country

A mari usque ad mare (Latin)
From Sea to Sea
D'un océan à l'autre (French)

CBC Canada | CTV Canada | Global Canada | Globe and Mail | National Post

Other resources
Atlas of Canada
Birds of Canada
Books on Canada
The Canada Guide
Explore Canada
Government of Canada
Statistics Canada (census)

O Canada (CBC TV's old sign off)
O Canada (with lyrics)
O Canada (The Tenors)

Canada Facts

Date of confederation

July 1, 1867
(dependence on British parliament removed in 1982)

Area of Canada

9.985 million sq km (6.204 million sq miles)


The vastness of Canada means diverse topography. The west coast has the Rocky Mountains. Inland is prairie and Canadian Shield between large bodies of water (Hudson Bay, the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway). In the north is arctic tundra. The east has the Appalachian Mountains.

Capital city of Canada


Population of Canada

37,875,273 (2020 Worldometer)

Residents are known as

Canadians (slang: Canucks)

Indigenous people of Canada

More than 600 First Nations communities, representing more than 50 Nations and 50 languages (see Canada Guide for details)

Main industries in Canada

Services, natural resources, manufacturing, agriculture, energy

Federal Stat holidays

Boxing Day (Dec 26) only ON & federally regulated workplaces across Canada
Canada Day (July 1)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Easter Monday (following Good Friday) only federally regulated employees & an alternative choice at Easter in QC
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Sept 30) only Federally regulated workplaces
Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday) alternative choice at Easter in QC
Labour Day (first Monday in September)
New Years Day (January 1)
Remembrance Day (November 11) except NS, NT, ON  & QC
Thanksgiving Day (second Monday in October) only federally regulated workplaces in PE, NL, NB & NS
Victoria Day (third Monday in May) known as National Patriotes Day in QC

* see each province for other holidays

Professional sports in Canada

Hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, motorsport, cricket* (see province pages for teams)



Canada’s climate ranges from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons in the south. Temperatures across the country can be anywhere from -75C to 45C depending on location and season. While the Rocky Mountain interior, prairies and north can be very dry, the west and east coasts are damp with frequent rain and fog. The Canadian Shield and south central parts of Canada can be very humid, especially in the summer.

Time zones

There are six time zones in Canada covering four and a half hours. From west to east, these time zones are: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic and Newfoundland. While most of Canada follows daylight saving time, Saskatchewan and several municipalities don't participate.*

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