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Review Shuswap Falls RV Resort

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Shuswap Falls
Riverside Bliss by Shuswap River CORating: 5 stars!


Shuswap Falls



Shuswap Falls RV Resort is a hidden treasure of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

It's a 20 minute drive off of Hwy 97 at Enderby – a scenic and winding road.

If you come in the early summer, the thundering noise from the spectacular view of Shuswap Falls above the resort will grab your attention.

The Shuswap River flows along the resort. In the summer months it will be filled with tubers, canoes, kayaks, fishermen, sunbathers and waders at the beach.

The Okanagan is known for its summers and it makes sense for one's favourite pastime to be sitting in a lawn chair, drink in hand and watching the "tubers" floating down the river. The tubes come in many shapes, sizes and colors: the occupants having just as much fun as we are.

A pool is being added to the resort this year, and we are all looking forward to it. Just another way to stay cool, meet new people and sit back and 'people watch'.

Owners and renters alike enjoy the various events during the summers that the club organizes. This could include pancake breakfasts, corn roasts, baseball games, horseshoe tournaments and more.

There are 2 general stores in the area, about 10 minutes in each direction. We have tried the two restaurants in the area and they are both very good. The Mabel Lake Golf Course and Lorenzo's  (Ashton Creek), is also about 10 minutes in either direction.

Brought the golf clubs. Brought the boat. Good news. A golf course and a marina within 10 minutes of the resort.

Shuswap Falls RV Resort is a place to meet new friends. We have made it our home away from home, being only about 40 minutes from Vernon, BC.

For more information, see Shuswap Falls RV Resort or the Shuswap Falls RV Club website.

Shuswap Falls
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