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Cherryville Glass Artist, Helen Kovacs

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Discovering the Cherryville Artisans' Shop

On a magical, mystery tour drive out in the country, Leslie and Annie came upon a little artisan shop in Cherryville.

Cherryville Artisan Shop

Glass fish made by Helen Kovacs

At first, we were hesitant. The little blue cottage shop is set back behind the main convenience store in Cherryville, making us wonder if we're trespassing on private property.

There were signs indicating it was open and the public was welcome. We weren't sure what that tiny structure could possibly contain. But the cute garden decor was just so compelling, we had to find out!

Entering the 'Tardis'

Once inside, we were welcomed by Helen, in a fairytale land of wonderment: beautiful objects made of glass decorated the entire interior. There was so much to look at, we both got caught up in gazing at piece after piece, wondering whether to buy this one or that one. We were certainly spoiled for choice.

Helen Kovacs at Cherryville Artisans' Shop

Wish basket 01 150w

Wish basket 02 146h

It wasn't just glass. Helen shares the space with some of her fellow local artists, too. There are items wooden or woven, tie dyed or painted. There are cards, jewellery, and even small pieces of furniture.

What intrigued us the most were Helen's glass 'wish baskets'. They had numerous bits and pieces, trinkets and treasures, attached to each one, making them ever so unique. We couldn't decide which one we liked best. We both kept saying, "I've never seen anything like this before!"

Truly Canadian

"They are truly Canadian," said Helen, confirming our exclaims. That's when Leslie came up with the whole idea of commissioning Helen to create a Canadian Only basket, just for us.

"It could launch a whole limited edition series of Canadian baskets!", I said. And we would own the first! We really liked that idea!

The three of us brainstormed all sorts of ideas for the trinkets on the basket. Maple leaves (of course), moose, beaver, mounties, and more.

We left Helen to do her magic, all excited about the vision of this new "objet d'art"!

The final product

Several weeks later, we caught up with Helen and were pleased with her progress. And here is the final product!

CO basket nearly done June 2010 - 520w

Glassmaking workshops

Helen also teaches glassmaking workshops where students have the opportunity to make several pieces of their own. The group is kept small so students get plenty of individual attention and guidance from Helen.

Find out more

For more details or contact information, please visit the Cherryville Artisans' Shop website at or Helen's own website (coming soon).

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Truly, truly Canadian

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