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Hôtel de Glace,
10 minutes from downtown  Quebec City, is one of Canada's hottest attractions and sought out accommodations. Since 2001 it has attracted 600,000 curious tourists and 30,000 of those tourists stayed overnight. The Quebec Ice Hotel is open seasonally from January to March, at which time, and after only 11 weeks from its grand opening, it will then melt away with the arrival of spring.

Hôtel de Glace, Quebec Ice Hotel

Each room is uniquely decorated, using designs created by Quebec architecture students. Two hotel bars also sell exclusive cocktails in ice glasses.

"It's an elaborate winter dance. With electricians, a snow team and an ice team we manage to build and maintain the fragile structure," says Serge Peloquin, the hotel's artistic director.
photo: Geraldine Woessner

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