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Hartland Covered Bridge - Longest covered bridge in the world

This 1,282 foot covered bridge was originally constructed by the Hartland Bridge Company, which was formed by citizens on both sides of the St. John River, and officially opened July 4, 1901. For more information on its history, go to the Town of Hartland.Hartland Covered Bridge in New Brunswick -
You can drive across the Longest Covered Bridge in the World at Hartland, but there are certain vehicle restrictions which do apply.
The Harland Bridge is also a wishing bridge. 'When you enter the bridge, you make a wish, close your eyes, cross your fingers and hold your breath. Make certain you are not the driver!  If you can do this for the entire length of the bridge, your wish is very likely to come true.'
This tradition is as old as the bridge. Sometimes it is varied by simply saying that you will have good luck if you can hold your breath until you have crossed the entire length of the bridge. If you want to know why its also known as the "Kissing Bridge", you'll have to read more...

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