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HoodoosTrail in Drumheller, AlbertaHoodoos (aka fairy chimneys and earth pyramids) are tall rock pillars created from soft sedimentary rock (sandstone) topped with a harder rock which is more resistant to time and the elements like wind and rain.
The Hoodoos Trail in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is an easy-going loop route exploring hoodoos while visiting various stations with information signs and sitting benches. For more information on hoodoos, read on ...
You can also see the local Hooddoos from the Hoodoos Viewpoint, along Tunnel Mountain Rd, in the Banff area. For more information about these go to Canmore/Banff Activities







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Explore the magic of authentic tipi camping in many places around Alberta and experience aboriginal culture first hand.
Tipi Camping in AlbertaParks Canada has five traditional tipis set up in Crandell Campground located in Waterton Lakes National Park. For more information.
Experience First Nations Lifestyles around Alberta. There are more than 40 First Nations calling Alberta home, so there are many Aboriginal adventures and events such as pow wows to experience.

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