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Activities Southern Alberta



Boundary Ranch Box 44, Kananakis Village, T0L 2H0 (403) 591-7171
Brown Creek Ranch Box 2203, Claresholm, T0L 0T0 (403) 625-4032
Lucasia Ranch Vacations Box 1206, Claresholm, T0L 0T0 (403) 625-2295
Tread Softly
Scenic Road Trips
Wild West Badlands Tours


Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures (403) 949-3329

Hunt & Fish


Caribou Trail Outfitters
Uplands Ranch (403) 379-2159

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Crowsnest Angler

Snow & Ice


Pas Powder Keg Ski Hill Off Hwy 3, Blairmore in Crowsnest Pass

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Majestic Bighorn Sheep symbolize wild and unspoiled places. The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is the provincial mammal of Alberta. They are relatively large, with males that occasionally exceed 500 pounds and females that exceed 200 pounds. The male, or ram, grows massive horns that arc backwards then curl forward alongside the face. Females are called ewes. They also have horns, though shorter than the males' and with less curvature. When Bighorns clash their heads together, the force is so great that the sound can often be heard several kilometers away.

Alberta Bighorn Sheep

photo: Royal Alberta Museum

The Rocky Mountain Bighorns occupy the cooler mountainous regions of Canada, and being fast and agile climbers, they choose habitats near steep, rocky terrain that offers escape from predators such as Coyotes, Grizzly Bears and Mountain Lions. Bighorn sheep are considered desirable game animals by hunters.

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