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Canadian Provinces & Territories

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Go directly to the province of your choice by clicking on a button on the left. Video credits: Travel Video Postcard, Tourism BC, Virtual Canada TV, and You Tube.

Photo credit: Nsirlin , Bow Lake


Photo credit: Hdsidesign, BC


Photo credit: Mike Rogal, Royal Canadian Mint


Photo credit: Raymond Ivey, Presqu'ile Rocks on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island , New Brunswick


Photo credit: Colin Buckland , a cove in St John's, Newfoundland


Photo credit: Vismax, Mackenzie River near Inuvik, Northwest Territories


Photo credit: Irina Ponomarenko, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia


Photo credit: Ajbram, dwarf fireweed growing in a valley in Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut


Photo credit: Raymond Ivey, view northward from CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario


Photo credit: Linda Johnsonbaugh, lighthouse on  Prince Edward Island


Photo credit: Sofiene Issaoui, downtown Montreal , Quebec


Photo credit: Pictureguy66, country road in Saskatchewan


Photo credit: Timothy Epp, Talus Lake in Central Yukon Territory


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coffee crisp candy bar, only in Canada
Nestle Coffee Crisp

The bar is a combination of coffee cream, cookie wafers and milk chocolate coating. It does contain a small amount of coffee, although much of its coffee taste comes from flavouring. The coffee crisp bar is a Canadian delicacy and has limited availability outside of Canada.
Over the years there have been several variations of the Coffee Crisp brand: orange flavour, raspberry flavour, Coffee Crisp Café Caramel, Coffee Crisp White, maple flavored, french vanilla and triple mocha flavors and the most recent form was Coffee Crisp Yogurt. As of January 2007 only the original coffee crisp bar remained.
There was an introduction of the Coffee Crisp 70% dark chocolate in 2009. A coffee crisp-flavoured ice cream bar and ice cream flavour are also available.
Nestlé began marketing the Coffee Crisp in the USA in late July 2006. As of April 2009, the marketing of the Coffee Crisp bar into the USA was discontinued by Nestle Canada. For more history on Coffee Crisp  read "A Canadian Candy Bar's Long Journey to America".
Coffee Crisp Cake
Just one of the many things you can do with this candy bar. Here is a recipe for the Coffee Crisp Cake




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