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Attractions Saskatchewan

Attractions: Cities in  Saskatchewan
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Beautiful scenery, friendly faces, and a pace of life that's relaxing and easy-going - that's Saskatchewan. Choose from an array of attractions to suit almost every interest.
Experience fun for the whole family and take in the T.rex Discovery Centre or check out one of the many festivals such as the Northern Lights Bluegrass Festival. You can also go directly to attractions in Central East, Central West, Northern, South East or South West Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan has plenty of outdoor adventure, world-class fishing just to name one. For more information, check out our Activities in Saskatchewan page.
Summer or winter, north or south, city or country - there's always lots to do in Saskatchewan.


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Saskatchewan's attractions are varied and compelling, reflecting our rich history, colourful culture, physical beauty and boundless imagination.
Royal Saskatchewan Museum, SKThere are over 250 museums throughout the province of Saskatchewan.
Collections displayed in art galleries bring our many cultures to life, from First Nations' traditions to modern contemporary styles.
Science centres, museums, art galleries, mineral spas, river cruises, or dinosaur digs – if you like interesting, you'll be interested in Saskatchewan.
The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is a good place to start.
Also helping to preserve  Saskatchewan heritage is the
T Rex Discovery Centre. It's  well worth checking out.


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